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Icon for the Saved All trophy

Saved All is a gold trophy that can be earned in Beyond: Two Souls. It is the opposite of A Better World and requires the player to save the life of every possible character in the game. It cannot be earned by choosing the "No Save" option; therefore, saving a character, quitting the chapter, and then jumping to the next chapter to save another character will not work - all of the characters must be saved in a single playthrough. Saving all of these characters will grant the trophy.

Characters to be saved[]

  • Walter and Jimmy in the chapter "Homeless." During the burning building scene, save them by freeing Walter and possessing Jimmy.
  • Paul in the chapter "Navajo." Ignore the ritual and rush to his room; use Aiden to heal him.
  • Norah Gray in the chapter "Norah." Leave the room, and do not use Aiden to stop her heart.
  • Cole Freeman and Ryan Clayton in the chapter "Black Sun." To save Cole, carry him to the elevator and use Aiden to heal him. To save Ryan, make Nathan Dawkins see that what he's doing is wrong. He will then commit suicide rather than kill Ryan, who wishes to sacrifice himself to protect Jodie.

Other Trophies Affected[]