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Concept art of Jodie evading the police on the streets of Seattle by Geoffroy Thoorens

Seattle is a location that appears in Beyond: Two Souls. A 23-year-old Jodie Holmes finds herself there in December 2012 while on the run from the CIA. She falls in with a group of homeless people consisting of Stan, Tuesday, Jimmy, and Walter who live under a bridge; she helps them collect money for food, shows them the powers that Aiden grants her, and assists with the delivery of Zoey when Tuesday goes into labor. When the abandoned apartment building in which Jodie and her new friends are taking shelter is set on fire by the thugs who attacked Stan outside the supermarket, Jodie loses consciousness and is taken to Brookhaven Hospital to recover.

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  • Though not explicitly stated, it can be inferred that the following in-game locations are in or near Seattle:


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