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"I don't give a shit about your pathetic adolescent pouting, alright?"
Ryan Clayton, talking to Jodie about her reaction

"Separation" is the fifteenth (chronologically the eleventh) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie is recruited to a new position outside the DPA with no prior notice.


Jodie, accompanied by Nathan and Cole, is subjected to testing again with the help of Aiden. Jodie is being tested on her channeling skills. There are three objects on the table: a coin, a photo of an old lady, and a music box. The only one to trigger a memory is the music box. She will recall a girl receiving the box as a gift, and Nathan will make a comment about his late daughter, Laura. Before anything else, Cole answers the phone, and says a Ryan Clayton was on the other end. Nathan then excuses himself from the room to talk with the man outside.

Eventually, Jodie is called out to meet with them, and she will be formally introduced — Clayton is a CIA agent who has come to take her. He says she will follow a three-year training program in the Paranormal Activity Department of the Agency. No matter how she protests, Jodie is forced to go along with him. She is allowed in her room one last time to pack her bag.

The player, as Jodie, is able to take as many of the following six items as they choose:

  • Bunny Gruff, Jodie's childhood stuffed rabbit.
  • A photo of Jodie, at age 8, with her foster parents. Jodie can either take the photo with her, or rip it into pieces.
  • A photo of Cole Freeman and Nathan Dawkins. Jodie can either take the photo with her, or put it back on the table face down.
  • Various pieces of clothing from Jodie's closet.
  • A picture Jodie drew of Aiden in "First Interview," at the behest of Nathan. (This is available only if Jodie agreed to draw Aiden.)
  • Toiletries.

When Jodie is finished packing, Cole and Nathan exchange heartfelt goodbyes, with Clayton waiting impatiently. She will then go with Clayton, despondent.


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  • Path #1
    • Told Dawkins what you saw
    • Didn't tell Dawkins what you saw
  • Path #2
    • Spied on Clayton and Dawkins
    • Didn't spy on Clayton and Dawkins
  • Path #3
    • Obeyed Clayton
    • Threatened Clayton



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