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This is the transcript of "Separation" the fifteenth chapter of the original version and the tenth chapter of the remixed version


(This chapter opens with Nathan and Jodie in the science room.)

Nathan: Ready?

Jodie: Yeah.

Nathan: Cole?

Cole: Okay, I'm recording.

Nathan: Now concentrate, Jodie. Tell me if you feel anything in particular about any of these objects.

(Jodie can interact with one of the objects, a medallion, a picture and a musical box.)

(Jodie interacts with the musical box to channel it.)

Jodie: Can you see anything, Aiden?

(She starts to remember the flashback.)

Laura: Thank you dad, it's so pretty!!

Nathan: Open it.

(The flashback ends after Laura opens her musical box.)

Nathan: Jodie...? You okay?

Jodie: Ye... Yeah... Yeah, yeah... I'm, I'm, I'm fine.

Nathan: Did you see something?

(Jodie is given the choice to speak or say nothing.)

(If Jodie chooses "Say Nothing":)

Jodie: No... No, it was... it was all blurry... I didn't see anything...

(If Jodie chooses "Speak":)

Jodie: I saw a little girl... it was her music box...

Nathan: Laura...

(After choosing one option, Cole's phone rings.)

Cole: Yeah? Nathan? Okay, I'll tell him.

(Cole hangs up his phone to talk to Nathan.)

Cole: Nathan, someone named Ryan Clayton is here to see you. He says you know what it's about...

(Nathan stands up.)

Nathan: Yes. I'll be back in a moment.

(Jodie stands up.)

(Jodie can talk to Cole, while Nathan converses with Ryan.)

(If Jodie chooses "Homework":)

Jodie: I hope we don't finish too late... I have TONS of homework to do. You know, Nathan is always complaining when I get bad grades, but he is always keeping me here when I should be studying...

Cole: That's a discussion you'll have to have with him, princess...

(If Jodie chooses "Long?":)

Jodie: Do you think he'll be long?

Cole: Relax, princess. He'll be back in a minute.

(If Jodie chooses "Hungry":)

Jodie: I'm sooo hungry - when do we get a break?!

Cole: Yeah - I'm hungry too. We need to get outta here for once. Somewhere fancy - I'm sick of cafeteria food!

(If Jodie chooses "Nathan":)

Jodie: Hasn't Nathan been... I don't know, just like acting kinda strange lately?

Cole: He's trying to raise money for the lab at the moment. Maybe he's worried about it -you know how he is...

(If Jodie chooses "Visitor":)

Jodie: Do you know this guy who's come to see Nathan?

Cole: No idea...

(If Aiden spies on Nathan and Ryan conversation.)

Nathan: Listen - I around to telling her. I need more time...

Ryan: No, Professor Dawkins, she needs to come with me... today. I...I have my orders.

Nathan: Christ - she's only a child! My assistant and I are the only family she's got... She doesn't have ANY IDEA what's out there.

Ryan: Look Dawkins -I see your side of it, alright? I do. But orders are orders, right? Are you going to bring her to me - or do I have to go get her?

(Nathan opens the door to call Jodie.)

Nathan: Jodie? Could you come here, please?

(Nathan closes the door back.)

(If Jodie tries to leave early.)

Cole: Hey, where you goin'? Aren't you gonna wait for Nathan?

(If Jodie enters back to the room, she closes the door.)

(If Jodie enters early, it will skip to this:)

Jodie: What's... what's going on, Nathan? You look upset...

Nathan: Jodie, this is Ryan Clayton from the CIA. The agency... the agency wants you to join their military school program at Camp Peary... Ryan's gonna take care of you from now on... You have to go with him, Jodie. Today.

(Jodie is given a set of dialogues.)

(If Jodie chooses "Experiments":)

Jodie: What about the experiments? I thought we were working together.

Nathan: I'm sorry, Jodie. It's out of my hands.

(If Jodie chooses "Upset":)

Jodie: Nathan. No, you can't let them take me away... You have to talk to them... They'll listen to you.

Nathan: My opinion means nothing to them. Your parents have already given the agreement. There's nothing I can do.

(If Jodie chooses "Why?":)

Jodie: I don't understand! Why me?

Nathan: This Unit belongs to the CIA. They've been tracking your case ever since you arrived. They know what you and Aiden can do...

(If Jodie chooses "Incredulous":)

Jodie: You're joking, right?! I'm not going anywhere...

(After one of the dialogues, Jodie is given another set of dialogues.)

(If Jodie chooses "Beg":)

Jodie: I'm begging you, Nathan. Please don't let them take me away.

(If Jodie chooses "Angry":)

Jodie: What am I? A toy?! Some kind of a "test subject"?!! Did you ever just stop and think about what I want?

(If Jodie chooses "Determined":)

Jodie: I am not a child, I can make my own decisions. No one can force me to go.

(After one of the dialogues, Cole shows himself at the door:)

Nathan: Jodie, I know it's difficult but... you need to understand. This is a great opportunity for you.

(Jodie is given another set of dialogues.)

(If Jodie chooses "Cynical":)

Jodie: Oh, so that's just it?! You know what's best and I... I'm just supposed to shut up and obey orders?

(If Jodie chooses "Cold":)

Jodie: I don't care what you think. I'm not going anywhere!

(If Jodie chooses "Aggressive":)

Jodie: You can tell the CIA to fuck off because I'm not going anywhere.

(If Jodie chooses "Determined":)

Jodie: No one can tell me what to do with my life.

(After one of the dialogues.)

Ryan: Jesus! Listen up, Miss Holmes - I don't give a shit about your pathetic adolescent pouting, alright? You can rant and rave all you want but just shut your mouth and do as you're told.

(If Jodie chooses "Angry", Aiden will intervene to attack Ryan but Nathan tries to reason with her.)

Nathan: Jodie, no. Jodie, stop IMMEDIATELY!

(Jodie calms herself down.)

Nathan:Jodie... Please... Do this for me...

(If Jodie chooses "Insult":)

Jodie: Go... FUCK yourself...

Ryan: That's it. Let's go, come here!

(Ryan pulls Jodie by her arm rudely, leading to the same outcome as Jodie chose "Angry".)

(If Jodie chooses "Obey", or after choosing "Insult" or "Angry", she begins to cry.)

Jodie: I'll go get my things...

Ryan: Only the essentials, we've got everything you'll need at Camp Peary.

(The scene fades in black as another cutscene fades in. Jodie enters to her room to get her things.)

(Jodie can interact with the photo of her childhood and her foster parents. If Jodie chooses to save it, she puts it in her bag, if she chooses to execute the QTE moving the controller down, she'll tear it apart.)

(Jodie interacts with the photo of Nathan and Jodie, if she chooses to take it, she puts it in her bag, otherwise she'll put it back in face down.)

(Jodie interacts with her Bunny Gruff, she either takes it with her, or she puts it back to her bed.)