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"I was unaware that American diplomacy was undertaken with such... disarming charm."
—Sheik Ahmad to Jodie

Sheik Ahmad is a minor antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls. He appears in "The Embassy."

Character Information[]

Sheik Ahmad is a wealthy Saudi businessman who has an office at the embassy in Riyadh. Jodie Holmes and Ryan Clayton travel to the embassy for Jodie's first field assignment with the CIA, during which she is tasked with stealing classified documents from a safe in the Sheik's office. She can accomplish this either by having Aiden take control of the Sheik or a guard and open the safe, or by having Aiden open the safe himself.

According to Ryan, Sheik Ahmad hates him and finds Jodie charming. The Sheik's own words upon meeting Jodie support the latter assertion.


  • Concept art by Julie Gibert spells Sheik Ahmad's name as "Cheikh Ahmad."[1]