"Found you in the streets a few days ago, you were in pretty bad shape."
—Stan, talking to Jodie about saving her

Stan is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls, he is the husband of Nancy.

Character InformationEdit

Stan was born on October 9, 1969.

At some point of his life, Stan married a woman named Nancy, the couple never had children.

One day, his wife discovered she had leukemia, and she did not have long to live.

When she died, it left Stan with a heart destroyed, one year after his wife's death, Stan began to live on the street and formed a homeless group.

Stan is a homeless man in an unknown city, and is part of a group of homeless persons including Tuesday, Walter, and Jimmy. Despite having reason to be cynical and jaded due to his hard life, he is an incredibly kind and selfless individual.


Stan saves Jodie's life and befriends her, Jodie is able to channel Nancy with Aiden's help and speaks to Stan, imploring him to move on with his life. It is clear that Stan has been unable to cope with her death, and becomes very emotional, telling Nancy that he misses her.

During the chapter Jodie overcomes the suicidal ideation and guilt she struggles with due to Stan, as he is one of the only people to recognise Jodie's worth without Aiden as well as the good she can bring to peoples' lives; an example being when she delivers Zoey without any help from Aiden, and Stan expresses what a miracle she is.

After Jodie falls into a coma, he manages to find a job and is able to rent a small apartment. He visits her often during her coma, bringing her news about the rest of the group. If Jodie chooses to return to Stan's group, he joyfully welcomes her back and introduces her to Zoey.


  • While Jodie falls into a coma, he visits her in the hospital and hangs a copy of The American Tribune above her bed. Madison Paige, a character from Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain worked as a journalist for The American Tribune.
  • Stan was 39 years old, when he began living on the streets.
  • Stan's actor/voice actor also played/dubbed a man named Richard Perkins in the new video game entitled Detroit: Become Human.