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"Found you in the streets a few days ago, you were in pretty bad shape."
—Stan, talking to Jodie about saving her

Stan is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls.


Before becoming homeless, Stan was married to a woman named Nancy. The couple is not confirmed to have had any children. Nancy was diagnosed with leukemia, and passed away from the illness in 2008. Heartbroken, Stan eventually became homeless; if asked by Jodie, he says that he has been homeless for three years. At some point, he met Walter, Tuesday, and Jimmy.

Despite having reason to be cynical and jaded due to his hard life, he is an incredibly kind and selfless man.

Events of Beyond: Two Souls[]


Stan finds an unconscious Jodie in the street and takes care of her until she awakens days later, introducing her to the rest of the group and teaching her about life on the streets. Jodie can optionally channel Nancy, who speaks to Stan through her and implores him to move on with his life. Should Jodie do this, Stan tearfully tells Nancy that he misses her. When Tuesday goes into labor, he and Jodie break into a supermarket to steal supplies. After Zoey is born, Stan happily expresses how much of a miracle Jodie is.

After Jodie falls into a coma, he manages to find a job and is able to rent a small apartment, which he shares with Tuesday, Walter, and Jimmy (if the latter two survived the fire). He visits her often during her coma, bringing her news about the rest of the group.


Stan appears in two of the game's epilogues, depending on Jodie's choices.

If Jodie chooses to return to life after deactivating the Black Sun condenser, she is given the option to return to the group. If this option is chosen, Stan joyfully welcomes her back and introduces her to Zoey.

If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, Stan is briefly seen watching television with Tuesday, Walter and Jimmy (if the latter two are alive).