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Render of Zoey's bedroom in the apartment by Jonathan Lorber

Stan and Tuesday's apartment is a location in Beyond: Two Souls. It is an apartment that Stan moves into with Tuesday, Zoey, and at least one of the other members of his group if they survive the events of "Homeless." Stan does odd jobs to earn rent money while Tuesday works as a bartender (or watches Zoey if Walter is dead) and Jimmy quits using drugs and goes back to school.

If Jodie Holmes chooses to be with Zoey after the events of "Black Sun," Stan and the others will warmly welcome her into the apartment. If she chooses to enter the Beyond instead, she will visit the apartment in spirit form to commune with Zoey and prepare her for the entity invasion.


Chapter Appearances[]


  • Stan and Tuesday's apartment is presumably located in Seattle, the city in which "Homeless" takes place.