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Clipping from the front page of The American Tribune seen in Jodie's hospital room

The American Tribune is a daily newspaper in the Beyond: Two Souls universe. It has been in circulation since 1875.

While controlling Aiden in "Homeless," a man sitting on a bench can be seen reading an issue of The American Tribune that mentions the Origami Killer (the main antagonist of Heavy Rain, another Quantic Dream game). Later in that same chapter, after Jodie Holmes escapes from the burning apartment building and is taken to Brookhaven Hospital, Stan hangs a clipping from the front page of another issue of the The American Tribune in her room showing that the thugs who set the building on fire were arrested.


  • In the removed chapter "First Steps," Philip Holmes could be seen reading an issue of The American Tribune Marketplace.
  • The American Tribune also exists in the Heavy Rain universe. Madison Paige, one of the game's protagonists, contributes photographs and articles to the newspaper.
  • In real life, The American Tribune is the name of an old satirical news site (which, as of January 2024, is offline).