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This is the transcript of "The Dinner," the sixteenth chapter in the original version and the fifteenth chapter in the remixed version of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with Jodie in her apartment, watching a boxing match on TV. Ryan calls her on the phone.)

Jodie: Yeah?

Ryan (on phone): Jodie? Hey, it's Ryan.

Jodie: Ryan!

Ryan (on phone): I was just...wondering if you got my email.

Jodie: What email?

Ryan (on phone): The one I sent three days ago.

(Jodie looks at her broken computer.)

Jodie: You know, I've actually been having problems with my computer. What was the email about?

Ryan (on phone): Dinner... Tonight. Fancy restaurant. Anyway, it's too late now. So, maybe another time?

(Jodie gets up.)

Jodie: Shit... Shit, I'm so sorry. Why don't you just come over here for dinner tonight? You wanted to see my apartment anyway, so...

Ryan (on phone): Er, sure, but--

Jodie: How about around eight?

Ryan (on phone): Okay... Yeah, I'll bring a kick-ass bottle of wine. See you later.

(Jodie hangs up. The camera switches to Aiden's point of view as Jodie paces around the room.)

Jodie: Now I get why you blasted my computer. You didn't want me to see Ryan. It's not your call, Aiden. I can do what I want! Fuck this. Fuck this! We're not gonna start this again. I'm not yours, Aiden. I can have a relationship with whoever I want. This is my life, do you fucking hear me? This is my life! You know what? I happen to think Ryan is great. I mean, he's charming, he's intelligent, he's funny, and I... think I'm falling for him.

(If Jodie was assaulted by Earl and Frank in "Like Other Girls":)

Jodie: Yeah, yeah, I'm aware of what happened at the bar. Fuck you for reminding me! Ryan is not like that.

(If Jodie was not assaulted, the dialogue will skip to this:)

Jodie: Okay. Okay. It's 7 o'clock. I've an hour to make dinner, tidy up and make myself look good.

(If Jodie enters the kitchen:)

Jodie: I knew I'd have to learn to cook someday, but I didn't expect it to be so soon.

(If Jodie looks at the cookbook:)

Jodie: I gotta find something I can make in one hour with whatever's left in the fridge.

(If Jodie opens the cookbook, she sees a recipe for Asian beef.)

Jodie: Asian beef. I mean, that looks good and it's not too complicated.

(If Jodie flips to the next page, she sees a recipe for curried chicken.)

Jodie: Curried chicken with oven-baked vegetables. It'll take some time in the oven, but it seems doable.

(If Jodie flips to the last page, she sees an ad for a pizza delivery service.)

Jodie: Pizza delivery. It's not exactly gourmet, but no preparation, no mess. I mean, it could be an option.

(Jodie is presented with three choices.)

(If Jodie waits before choosing an option:)

Jodie: C'mon. It's time to decide, girl!

(If Jodie chooses "Curried Chicken":)

Jodie: Yeah, chicken curry with a little down-home flavor. I mean, he's gonna love that. As long as I don't fuck it up...

(If Jodie chooses "Asian Beef":)

Jodie: Yeah, Asian beef. I mean, it looks suitably exotic. As long as I don't manage to fuck it up...

(If Jodie chooses "Pizza":)

Jodie: Pizza. I mean, it's the easy way out, but he's not gonna mind. I'll call them.

(If Jodie chooses to order pizza and looks at the cookbook again:)

Jodie: Or maybe he'll expect like a real dinner.

(Jodie is presented with the same choices as before.)

(If Jodie chooses "Pizza":)

Jodie: Nah. Nah, pizza it is!

(If Jodie calls the pizzeria:)

Jodie: Oh, good God, I know the number by heart. Hey, yeah, could I get a large pizza, the Super Supreme? Like, 8-8:15? Yeah, 6192 Columbus Street, the 9th floor. Okay, cool, great. Thanks.

(Jodie hangs up.)

Jodie: I'm not too proud of myself, but at least we're gonna eat.

(If Jodie chose either of the first two options and opens the fridge, she gets vegetables and meat out of the fridge and puts them on the counter. Aiden raises the knife, pointing it in Jodie's face.)

Jodie: ...Thanks, Aiden.

(Jodie takes the knife and cuts the vegetables and meat. She starts to cry while cutting the onions. Once finished, she takes the cutting board to the stove.)

Jodie: So far, so good.

(If Jodie opens the cabinet, she can stand on a chair to reach one of the shelves. If she chose to make curried chicken, she gets the oven dish from the cabinet. If she chose to make Asian beef, she gets the pan out of the cabinet.)

(Jodie can look at the cookbook to review the recipe.)

(If Jodie chose to make Asian beef:)

Jodie: Use a wok.

(Jodie puts the chopped vegetables and meat into the dish or pan. She is given options to season the food or to leave it alone. If she chose to make curried chicken, she will automatically add seasoning before the choices appear.)

(If Jodie picks up the ginger bottle:)

Jodie: Ginger... It's supposed to be an aphrodisiac. I mean, it's not in the recipe, but...

(If Jodie adds ginger to the food:)

Jodie: Can't hurt. I mean, I need all the help I can get.

(If Jodie puts the ginger back:)

Jodie: Come on, you don't need that.

(If Jodie chooses "Stop," she stops seasoning the food.)

(If Jodie chose to make Asian beef:)

Jodie: Ryan, you're gonna love this.

(If Jodie chose to make curried chicken, she puts the dish in the oven.)

Jodie: Well... Into the oven we go.

(If Jodie picks up the bottle of wine, she can drink out of it or put it back.)

(If Jodie drinks the wine twice:)

Jodie: Gack... God, I hate this stuff.

(After some time has passed, the doorbell rings.)

Jodie: Oh, crap. Crap, he's early! I'm coming!

(Jodie answers the door, only to find the hallway empty.)

(If Jodie exits the apartment, the door closes behind her, locking her out.)

Jodie: Good one, Aiden. Okay, you got me. Now open the door.

(If Jodie knocks on the door:)

Jodie: Aiden? Aiden, come on, open up. I'm the one who makes decisions around here, Aiden. Now open the fucking door now!

(After the door opens, Jodie's nose starts to bleed.)

Jodie: You wanna play games? I can play too.

(If Jodie does not exit the apartment, she continues preparing for her date.)

(After some time has passed, Aiden stacks all of the chairs on the dining room table.)

Jodie: You know you're wasting your time, Aiden. You're not gonna stop me from seeing Ryan.

(If Jodie lights the candles in the dining room, Aiden puts them out.)

Jodie: Oh, yeah. That's very funny, Aiden.

(After Jodie lights the candles again:)

Jodie: Wow... It's very romantic.

(If Jodie picks up the trash in the living room:)

Jodie: Right. The trash can in the kitchen.

(If Jodie picks up the books:)

Jodie: Books. Okay, on the bookshelf. Great.

(If Jodie picks up the dirty clothes:)

Jodie: Dirty clothes, in the basket in the bathroom. Alright, there.

(If Jodie lays on the bed:)

Jodie: Chill out, Jodie. Okay, just calm down. There's no need to panic. You're gonna be great.

(If Jodie opens the wardrobe before taking a shower:)

Jodie: Oh, crap. Do I have time to take a shower first?

(If Jodie chooses "Yes," she closes the wardrobe.)

(If Jodie showers and exits the bedroom without choosing an outfit:)

Jodie: I've gotta change.

(If Jodie looks in the mirror after showering, she wipes Aiden's writing off of the fogged mirror.)

Jodie: Christ, Aiden. Look, you just don't get it.

(If Jodie opens the wardrobe after showering, or after choosing "No" if she did not shower first:)

Jodie: Now, what should I wear?

(If Jodie takes out the "Cool" outfit:)

Jodie: Oh, hey, Ryan. Yeah. whatever. I just, like, threw these old things on 'cause... Yeah, I'm cool. I'm cool.

(If Jodie chooses to wear it:)

Jodie: Yeah, I'm just gonna be me. I mean, there's no point in me throwing myself at the guy.

(If Jodie chooses to put it back:)

Jodie: Hmm... It's not enough effort?

(If Jodie takes out the "Sexy" outfit:)

Jodie: Oh, hi, Ryan. I've been waiting for you...

(If Jodie chooses to wear it:)

Jodie: Hot! He is gonna see a whole new side of me.

(If Jodie chooses to put it back:)

Jodie: I don't know...

(If Jodie takes out the "Elegant" outfit:)

Jodie: Oh, hello, Ryan. Oh, do you like it? Classic? Elegant? Je ne sais quoi?

(If Jodie chooses to wear it:)

Jodie: Classy. It's the new me and it shows that I can adapt to any situation.

(If Jodie chooses to put it back:)

Jodie: I don't want to give him the wrong idea.

(After Jodie chooses an outfit, Aiden cracks the mirror.)

Jodie: You might as well just give up, Aiden. Okay? This date is going on. Period.

(Jodie closes the wardrobe.)

(After walking back into the living room, Aiden throws the couch pillows onto the floor.)

(If Jodie picks up the pillows:)

Jodie: Come on, Aiden. Don't be a pain in the ass.

(If Jodie has not started making dinner:)

Jodie: Oh, god. Oh my god, the dinner... There's gotta be something in the kitchen.

(If significant time has passed and Jodie is not finished making dinner:)

Jodie: I haven't finished cooking. I'd better hurry or we'll have nothing to eat.

(After some time has passed, Ryan arrives.)

Jodie: Aiden, behave yourself. This is important to me and I'm counting on you.

(Jodie answers the door. Ryan holds up a bottle of wine.)

Ryan: Château-Margaux 2001. Guy in the store said it was a pretty good year.

Jodie: That sounds good to me.

(Ryan looks around the apartment.)

(If Jodie did not clean the apartment:)

Jodie: Sorry about the mess. I just moved in, so it's...

Ryan: No, no problem. Looks lived in.

(If Jodie cleaned the apartment, it will skip to this:)

Jodie: Why don't you sit? I'll get the... the thing that opens the wine.

(Aiden opens the cabinets and fridge, startling Jodie.)

Ryan: It's a cool apartment.

Jodie: Huh? Yeah, thanks. Aiden, for fuck's sakes.

(Jodie takes the corkscrew and two wine glasses to the living room.)

Ryan: Do you want me to open it?

Jodie: No, no, I'll do it.

(If Jodie opens the wine, she pours out two glasses and gives one to Ryan.)

Ryan: Thanks.

(Ryan holds his glass out for a toast.)

Ryan: To your new apartment.

Jodie: To my new apartment.

(The camera switches to Aiden's point of view.)

Ryan: So when did you move in?

Jodie: A couple of weeks ago. The agency found it for me, all furnished and everything. It's actually the first place I've ever had, just by myself, so it's weird getting used to the idea of it. And how about you, where do you live?

Ryan: I have a place just outside of town. Small, but you know, it's got a little garden and it's pretty quiet.

Jodie: And did you grow up here?

Ryan: No, I was born in Oregon. My parents and brother still live there. But I moved out when I was sixteen.

Jodie: Sixteen? Did you get kicked out or something?

Ryan: Things were pretty chaotic at home. My stepfather liked to beat me when he had too much to drink, and... I just decided to get out before one of us went too far.

Jodie: How did you end up joining the CIA?

Ryan: I went through college not really knowing what I wanted to do. I tried the army--you know, action, travel, adventure--long enough to realize that wasn't for me. And when a CIA recruiter approached me, I jumped at it.

(If Aiden interrupts twice:)

Jodie: It's nothing, Aiden is messing with us. Ignore him.

(After a certain point, Jodie gets up.)

(If Jodie did not cook or order pizza:)

Jodie: You know, Ryan, I, er... I actually didn't get around to making dinner. But I could, you know, go look in the fridge, like if you're hungry?

Ryan: No, no, it's okay. Don't worry about it. Right, well, I'd better get going.

Jodie: What? You're going already?

Ryan: Yeah. It was good to see where you live, I'm glad you're all settled in. I'll see you tomorrow, alright?

Jodie: Yeah...yeah, tomorrow.

(Ryan leaves.)

Jodie: Fuck. Yeah, I know, it's my fault. I'm such a fucking idiot... Maybe you're right. Maybe he's not my type... I wonder if anyone is. I've always got you, Aiden, right?

(The chapter ends.)

(If Jodie cooked dinner:)

Jodie: I should probably... You know, I'm gonna go check on the dinner because this cooking thing is a whole new adventure for me.

Ryan: You need help?

Jodie: No, but why don't you go and sit? And more wine would be nice.

(If Jodie ordered pizza, the doorbell rings.)

Jodie: Hold on.

Pizza delivery guy: Hey! How's it going?

Jodie: Alright. You keep the change.

Pizza delivery guy: Thanks.

Jodie: I ordered pizza, I hope that's...

Ryan: No, pizza's good. Don't sweat it.

(If there is dinner, Jodie brings the food to the dinner table.)

(If Jodie chose to make Asian beef:)

Ryan: Ah, Asian beef, right?

Jodie: Yeah.

Ryan: I was sent to China for a year. I love Asian food.

Jodie: Do not get your hopes up. This is probably the second time I've cooked, and I would rather not talk about the first time.

(If Jodie chose to make curried chicken:)

Ryan: Mmm, smells good.

Jodie: Oh, it's chicken curry with oven-baked vegetables. That's what it's supposed to be.

Ryan: I didn't know you cooked. And it looks great.

(Ryan takes a bite of his food.)

(If Jodie did not over-season the food:)

Ryan: Mmm. This is good.

Jodie: Good! I'm glad, I'm glad you like it.

(If Jodie put too much seasoning on the food:)

(Ryan coughs.)

Jodie: Are you okay?

Ryan: Yeah, it's just... It's pretty hot. But it's good! I love spicy food.

(Ryan and Jodie each take a sip of wine.)

(The camera switches to Aiden's point of view. If Jodie ordered pizza, it will skip to here.)

Ryan: So we've been working together now for, what, two years? And I know almost nothing about you.

Jodie: I mean, there's nothing much to say. I grew up with my parents on the DPA campus. And then Nathan looked after me. I mean, you pretty much know the rest.

Ryan: Your parents. Do you still see them?

Jodie: No. No, I don't, I... I think they were just terrified about how different I was. So Nathan and Cole, they brought me up, more or less. They taught me how to cope with Aiden, how to... accept myself as I am. I mean, it wasn't always easy, but I'm making progress.

Ryan: Did Nathan ever manage to explain to you why you have this... link with Aiden?

Jodie: No. I mean, not really. They learned a lot of stuff about the Infraworld, but really not much about Aiden. I mean, I don't think even he knows who or what he is.

Ryan: Is he here now? Listening to us?

Jodie: Yeah. Yeah, he never leaves me. What about you, do you have any family here?

Ryan: No, no. My parents are still in Oregon. I go to see them as little as possible.

Jodie: And are you, um... are you married or anything?

Ryan: No, no. Yes, I mean, I was. My ex-wife and I have been separated for two years. And it couldn't work, I mean, in the end it didn't. You know, we had our good times but eventually decided to go our separate ways.

(If Aiden interrupts twice:)

Ryan: Are you sure everything is okay?

Jodie: Yes, everything's fine. Aiden is just... He's just feeling a little nervous, it's okay. Really.

(If Aiden interrupts a third time:)

Ryan: Jodie, I think something's wrong with Aiden.

Jodie: Give me a second.

(Jodie walks into the kitchen.)

Jodie: Listen, I'm fed up with you and your goddamn jealousy! So why don't you just go back to whatever ethereal fucking place you came from and let me get on with my life? Get out of here. Do you fucking hear me? Get the fuck out!

(If Aiden interrupts a fourth time:)

Ryan: Aiden's not happy with me being here, is he?

Jodie: I don't give a damn how Aiden feels!

(If Aiden interrupts a fifth time:)

Jodie: Fuck, Aiden! I need you to just stop!

Ryan: Listen, I... I better go.

Jodie: No, no, Ryan, wait...

Ryan: No, Jodie, look. Aiden is very possessive. I think you've gotta work it out with him. Jodie, we don't need to rush it. Let's just take some time to get to know each other. Maybe Aiden will end up being okay with that.

(Ryan leaves.)

Jodie: Are you happy now? You get what you wanted. He's gone and now you have me to yourself. I really hope you're deliriously fucking happy. Why don't you just float around in your invisible world and watch me cry? I hate you, do you hear me? I fucking hate you!

(Jodie starts to cry as the chapter ends.)

(If Aiden did not interrupt:)

Ryan: And how about you? Anyone on your radar?

Jodie: No. I've got Aiden, so...

Ryan: I mean, anyone in our world.

Jodie: You know, Aiden kind of has always made people run away. Or maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just too odd for anyone to be interested in.

Ryan: You're special, Jodie. And Aiden's got nothing to do with this.

(If Jodie kisses Ryan, they make out at the dinner table, which leads to Jodie taking Ryan to the bedroom.)

(If Jodie was not assaulted at the bar and Aiden does nothing, Jodie wakes up beside Ryan after they make love. She gets up and walks to the bathroom.)

Jodie: Hey, Aiden? Thank you.

(The chapter ends.)

(If Jodie rejects Ryan:)

Jodie: I... I'm sorry.

Ryan: No, I... I thought you...

Jodie: No. No, it's not, I'm... It's my fault, I'm just, I can't...

Ryan: I better go.

(Ryan leaves.)

Jodie: Are you happy, Aiden? You got what you wanted. Yeah, I know it's not your fault. I completely freaked out... He's gonna think I'm an idiot. I am such a fucking idiot... You know, you were right. Maybe he's just not my type. I wonder if anyone is...

(Aiden refills Jodie's glass of wine.)

Jodie: I've always got you, Aiden... right?

(The chapter ends.)

(If Jodie was assaulted at the bar, Jodie pushes Ryan off her while they were making love.)

Jodie: Ryan, stop... Stop!

Ryan: Jodie? What's the matter?

Jodie: I... I'm sorry... I'm sorry, it's not... it's not your fault... There's... There's just... There's some thing that I can't forget. I'm sorry.

Ryan: It's ok... it's ok... Listen, I'd better go.

(Ryan leaves. Jodie starts to cry as the chapter ends.)