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For the location from which this chapter takes its name, see Embassy.
"So, do you want me to act natural or do you want me to smile?"
—Jodie, anxiously asking Ryan about what to do

"The Embassy" is the third (chronologically the fourteenth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie Holmes undertakes her first field assignment with the CIA and Ryan Clayton.


Jodie and Ryan enter the embassy guest room. She is nervous and does not like the whole situation, asking about guests and complaining about her outfit, a long red gown. When Ryan is gone to "shake some hands", Jodie slips into the ladies' restroom where she begins her assignment.

She locks herself in one of the cubicles and uses Aiden's help to get the documents from Sheik Ahmad's safe in the main office. As Aiden finds the documents, he is asked not to move so Jodie could note down what he sees. She jots down the notes in a refill pad, tears off and throws them on the ground. She gets a severe nosebleed and claims that it "hurts like hell" when Aiden is far away.

She is disturbed by a male guard knocking on the cubicle door. Luckily for Jodie, a waitress (who works with her and Ryan) throws the man out of the restroom and gets to Jodie. She collects the notes Jodie wrote down, says she is sorry that she cannot help her, and disappears. Jodie washes the blood off her face, and barely makes it back to Ryan. She rejects his help by telling him not to touch her, and they leave in a hurry.

There are four ways to finish this chapter:

  • Take over the Sheik's body. (This will earn the Possessive Spy bronze trophy if you use only the Sheik.)
  • Sole use of Aiden. Shut down the monitor and finish the mission using only Aiden. (This grants the Clean Job bronze trophy.)
  • Take over a guard's body.
  • Take over a guard's body and make him commit suicide. (This is one of the requirements for the Uncontrollable silver trophy.)


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  • Path #1
    • Finished the mission
    • Failed the mission
  • Path #2
    • Control room guard alerted
    • Paused the video undetected
  • Path #3
    • Finished the mission - With Aiden only
    • Finished the mission - With possession
  • Path #4
    • Finished the mission - With Sheik only
    • Finished the mission - Without Sheik


  • Bonus: Design Pack #2 - After you sit in the washroom, use Aiden and then go to the left of the entrance to the main hall to find this.
  • Bonus: Beyond Two Souls Trailer - When you take Aiden up to the second floor, look near the desk across from the painting to find the soul on the ground there.


  • The cubicle scene resembles Norman Jayden's ARI scenes from Heavy Rain, another game from Quantic Dream. Both Jodie and Jayden get a severe nosebleed (Jodie - paranormal, Jayden — excessive use of the Artificial Reality Interface) which weakens them both considerably.
  • The dress Jodie wears in this chapter is also optional to wear in The Dinner, by selecting "Elegant".
  • Jodie uses her CIA identity, "Elizabeth North," in this chapter. This identity is later given to her by Nathan in "Black Sun" as a fresh start when she opts to leave the CIA.
  • This chapter takes place on August 23, 2010. This date can be seen on a camera monitor.
  • If Aiden takes over the Sheik's body, the player may eavesdrop on a conversation between Ryan and the ambassador.
    • Ambassador: "That girl - isn't she a little unusual for an agent?"
    • Ryan: "More than you think … I don't know how she's going to go about it, but … she'd better be discreet. If they catch her, they'll torture her for weeks - and I won't be able to help. She knows the risks…"
    • Ambassador: "Are you always this cold and insensitive, Ryan?"
    • Ryan: "In my line of work, it's very important to have limited empathy…"



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