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This is the transcript of "The Embassy," the third chapter in the original version and twelfth chapter in the remixed version of Beyond: Two Souls.


(This chapter opens with Ryan in an elegant suit and Jodie in an elegant red dress in the embassy of Saudi Arabia. Jodie is given four dialogues:)

(If Jodie chooses "Plan B?":)

Jodie: What do I do if something goes wrong?

Ryan: There won't be anything you can do.

Jodie: That's what I suspected, just checking...

(If Jodie chooses "Guests":)

Jodie: Who are these people?

Ryan: Diplomats, politicians, businessmen, spies... It's the usual embassy crowd.

(If Jodie chooses "Dress":)

Jodie: This dress sucks. I knew I should have worn something else...

Ryan: The dress is perfect and you look great.

(If Jodie chooses "Shy":)

Jodie: I feel like everyone's looking at us...

Ryan: That's not just a feeling. Everyone is looking at us.

(After choosing two options:)

Ryan: But, the most important thing: act natural. If anyone speaks to you, just smile.

Jodie: So, do you want me to act natural or do you want me to smile?

Ryan: I didn't know you had a sense of humor...

Jodie: Only when I'm scared to death...

Sheik Ahmad: Ryan! I'm delighted you could attend!

Ryan: Always a pleasure, Sheik Ahmad. I would like you to meet my assistant, Elizabeth.

Sheik Ahmad: I was unaware that American diplomacy was undertaken with such... disarming charm. The pleasure is mine, Elizabeth.

Ryan: Gentlemen. I give you back your host. We'll talk later, Ahmad.

Sheik Ahmad: Until then, Ryan.

(Ryan ends his conversation with Ahmad and walks with Jodie.)

Ryan: He hates me. The whole time he's imagining my head on a stick. I think he found you charming.

Jodie: I should be flattered...

Ryan: OK, I'm gonna shake some hands. Blend in, find somewhere quiet, you know what you have to do.

(While Ryan leaves to shake hands with Ahmad, Jodie can interact with some objects.)

(Jodie goes to the women's restroom, finds an empty toilet cubicle to use, and sits on the toilet. She drops her purse while getting a notebook out of it, picks them both up, and readies the notebook and a pen.)

Jodie: Aiden? Aiden, are you ready? There's a large painting in one of the rooms upstairs. Behind it there is a safe. The documents we are looking for are inside. But there are guards and cameras so you have to be careful, you got it?

(Aiden exits the restroom.)

Jodie: Hurry, Aiden... It... it hurts like hell when you're too far away...

(Aiden can interact with some objects and people with a blue dot.)

(If Aiden possesses a person for the first time:)

Jodie: Be careful Aiden! You know you can't touch other people when you're controlling someone.

(If Aiden moves the possessed guard to sit on the railing on the second floor:)

Jodie: Aiden, stop! You'll kill him!

(If Aiden makes the possessed guard fall off the railing, he cracks his skull and starts bleeding when he lands on the first floor, scaring the whole embassy crowd and upsetting Jodie.)

Jodie: Damn you, Aiden! You fucked it up!

(Jodie leaves the restroom to reach Ryan.)

Ryan: What the fuck happened?!

Jodie: It was Aiden... I couldn't control him... And I...

Ryan: Let's get out of here...

(Ryan carries Jodie out of the embassy tower. Ryan looks at them as the chapter ends.)

(Aiden can explore the office.)

Jodie: An office with a portrait of the Sheik... This is the place.

(Aiden can pause the video by interacting with the button, but the officer gets up and unpauses the video.)

Jodie: Crap... You gotta distract the guard first.

(If Aiden sabotages the guard's TV or spills coffee on him, Aiden can pause the video while he isn't watching.)

Jodie: Okay, nobody will be able to monitor the main office now. We should be safe.