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This is the transcript of "The Party," the fourth chapter in the original version and the seventh chapter in the remixed version of Beyond: Two Souls.


(This chapter opens with Nathan and Jodie in the car.)

Jodie: Listen, I'm not sure. Maybe I shouldn't go...

Nathan: Jodie, you've been begging me for weeks, you're not going to back out now?!

Jodie: I don't know anybody there... They might all hate me... and this dress, this dress is awful... Let's just go...

Nathan: Just take a deep breath. There's no reason to panic. It's just a birthday party. I'm sure everybody'll like you. You'll have fun, maybe meet some new friends. Go on...

(Jodie exits Nathan's car as he gives Jodie a gift for Kirsten.)

Nathan: Oh! Don't forget your present!

(Jodie grabs the present.)

Nathan: It's a book of poetry by Poe. It's fifty years old and very rare. I'm sure she'll like it. Don't worry. It's gonna be all right. I'll pick you up at 5. Have fun!

(Nathan leaves immediately as Jodie walks over to Kirsten's house.)

(Jodie rings the bell and Kirsten's mother opens the door.)

Kirsten's mother: Hey, Jodie! Come in.

Jodie: Hi

Kirsten's mother: Hey Kirsten, you coming? I've gotta go! (to Jodie) Come in, Jodie. Don't be shy.

Kirsten: Hey, Jodie, right? Come on, we're in the living room. Some girls from my school and the least dorky guys we could find... (Kirsten takes the present from Jodie's hands.) Oh, is that a present for me? Cool! Thanks.

Kirsten's mother: I'm off, darling. Look after your friends and don't do anything stupid, alright?

Kirsten: Sure, mom. Whatever you say. (Kirsten opens the door and talks to her friends.) Finally, she gets the hint!

(Jodie enters the living room.)

Kirsten: Hey everyone, this is Jodie. She's in Unit 4 with my mom.

Matt: Unit 4? The paranormal department?

Steven: Woooo... Whatcha do there? Bend spoons or speak to dead people, stuff like that?

Jodie: No, no,

Kirsten: Party time!!! I'll get the beer. Guys, do the shutters. Girls, do the candles. And Jodie, you can take care of the music. Let's get CRAZY!!!

(Kirsten closes the metal shutters to make sure no one sees them.)

(Jodie can interact with the radio player by turning it on, then she turns it on as she can choose between Pop, Rock, Country and Disco or get up.)

(Regardless of the music choice, she can choose to get up and turn the volume up, but only for Emma to change the music.)

Emma: What kinda garbage is that? (sighs) Slide over, we'll put on something from THIS century, something really poppin'!

(Emma puts a groove music, Kirsten comes with a box of 6 beer cans)

Kirsten: Hid it under my bed for a week! My mom doesn't even go into my room anymore. She's TOTALLY oblivious...

Steven: Kirsten, you're a genius!

(Kirsten gives all her friends beer, and offers Jodie a beer.)

Kirsten: Jodie, do you want one?

(If Jodie chooses "No":)

Jodie: No, thanks. I... I don't drink, so...

Kirsten: You don't know what you're missing, girl. After three or four beers, you'll see the world in a whole new light!