• When Jodie shutted the accidentally opened condenser and the Kazirstan's underwater condenser, Aiden isn't separated from Jodie. Only when Jodie shutted the Black Sun condenser. I think it's because of the Portable Containment Field Belt. When Aiden was separated from Jodie when the Chinese Military caught her and Ryan, I thought of maybe when Jodie was wearing the belt, Aiden is already separated like the scene where the Chinese Military and Jodie passed the containment field doorway. Jodie's belt was malfunctioning right? Maybe that's why she still can use Aiden even if she has the belt. The separation occured when Jodie wore Ryan's belt and when the explosion occured. The belte separated them for a while and the explosion did break the ethereal tether. That's my theory tho.

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    • I personally believe its because after she shut down the black sun, she saw Aiden leaving her, they have a permanent emotional tether and that's how he can say "Still here".  Aiden and Jodie got separated due to jodies near-death experience if she died Aiden and her would be together.  Its thought that Jodie did die, but she was able to choose life causing Aiden to not be strong enough to create the tether again. idk if this makes any sense but yeah.

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