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The thug group is an organization in Beyond: Two Souls. It is a gang of four young men led by an unnamed leader who record videos of themselves harassing and beating homeless people in Seattle, presumably to post on the Internet.

The thug group first appears after Stan goes to the supermarket to buy food with the money that he and Jodie Holmes have earned by begging, busking, and/or stealing. One of the thugs films the leader beating Stan with a baseball bat, then films the other thugs' fight with Jodie if she intervenes. After losing the fight with Jodie or hearing police sirens, the thug group flees.

The thug group reappears after Jodie and the other homeless people escape from the burning apartment building, which the thugs admit to setting on fire in order to flush Jodie and the others out. Again, one of the thugs films the leader beating Jodie unconscious with a baseball bat while another holds Stan and Tuesday (and also Jimmy and Walter, if they were saved) at gunpoint to stop them from helping her. They flee after the assault, but are later apprehended by the police and arrested for arson.

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