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"Not such a hero now, are you?"
—The thug leader to Jodie

The thug leader is an unnamed character and minor antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls. He and his gang appear in "Homeless."

Character Information[]

The thug leader is a young adult who leads a gang of three other young men in Seattle. They record videos of themselves harassing and beating homeless people, presumably to post on the Internet.

The thug leader and his gang make their first appearance after Stan and a homeless Jodie collect enough money to buy dinner for themselves and their friends. Outside the supermarket, the thugs start accosting Stan and beating him with a baseball bat. Jodie can choose to intervene and will scare the thugs off if she wins the ensuing fight against the thug leader; alternatively, if she loses the fight or does nothing, the thugs will run away when they hear police sirens.

The thug leader appears again after Jodie escapes from a burning apartment building. He and his gang beat Jodie unconscious, and are later apprehended by the police with gasoline still on their hands. Stan puts a newspaper clipping of their arrest next to the comatose Jodie's hospital bed. Should Jodie examine the clipping with Aiden, it reveals that the gasoline gave the thugs away, implying that the leader was arrested for arson.