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This timeline lists all known events in the Beyond: Two Souls universe that occur regardless of players' actions.



August 5[]

Late 1968-1969[]


April 24[]




  • An unnamed child is born to Philip Holmes and Susan Holmes. The child passes away in infancy due to an unknown illness.
  • Jonathan Nichols dies due to an alleged heart failure before his children's birth. Norah is convinced to give her unborn children up to be studied.

September 15[]

  • At 8:21 a.m.[6], Jodie and Aiden are born to Norah Gray in a DPA hospital. Aiden is strangled by his umbilical cord and is stillborn. His stillbirth is the only one recorded, and Jodie is adopted by the Holmeses. Norah is interned at Saint John's Hospital, a psychiatric facility run by the DPA.[7]


  • Ryan Clayton moves out of his parents' house at age sixteen.[8]


Late November[]

  • While at home, Jodie sneaks out to join a snowball fight with help from Aiden. When a child playfully attacks her, Aiden intervenes and chokes the boy, frightening him. Philip and Susan decide to seek help from the DPA.[9]

December 2[]

  • After consultations with other medical professionals fail, Susan brings Jodie to a meeting with Nathan Dawkins. They discuss Aiden's origins and connection to Jodie, as well as the entities that attack her in the night. The Holmeses agree to bring her to consultations twice a week.[10]

December 19[]

  • Two weeks after her first meeting with Nathan, Jodie is attacked once again in the middle of the night, leading her parents to decide to leave her at the DPA base for a night.[11]


January 6[]

  • Nathan requests that Jodie remain at the DPA facility indefinitely, and receives funding from the DPA for her to be given correspondence courses. Sometime after this, the Holmeses are transferred to another base.[12]

March 19[]

  • Jodie participates in an experiment to test her and Aiden's abilities.[11]

July 13[]

July 16[]

  • Jodie channels the spirits of Helen and Laura in an attempt to comfort Nathan.[14]

December 2[]

  • Nathan and Cole perform experiments with Jodie to test Aiden's intangibility, and whether it is affected by the density, thickness or material of what he is passing through. The results are inconclusive.[11]


  • Matt moves from London to the United States.



  • Kirsten organizes a party for her 17th birthday.[15]


July 1[]

  • Angry with Cole and Nathan for not allowing her to leave the lab, Jodie tries to sneak out to see friends of hers at a bar.[16]



  • Ryan comes to recruit Jodie for a three-year training program at Camp Peary.[17]



  • Ryan and his ex-wife separate.[19]
  • Jodie graduates from her CIA training.

August 23[]

  • Jodie takes on her first field assignment with the CIA, using Aiden to copy classified documents inside an embassy.[20]



  • Jodie is sent to Somalia on a solo assignment to assassinate Gemaal Sheik Charrief. She is told that Gemaal is a dangerous warlord and is warned that there will be no backup. During her mission, she heals and befriends a local boy named Salim. Aiden possesses a man and kills Gemaal and his security; while Jodie is taking photographic evidence, she discovers that the man was Salim's father. Ryan extracts her and they escape via helicopter. While watching the news, Jodie discovers that Gemaal was actually the democratically elected president. Disgusted, she abandons the CIA and jumps from the helicopter.[22]

October 29[]

  • The CIA declares Jodie a wanted fugitive. She boards a train hoping to escape, but the train stops at a station and she is questioned by the police. She is pursued into the woods and steals a motorbike. Bypassing a police blockade, she is surrounded by a SWAT team in Bakertown and fends them off using Aiden.[23]


  • By this point, Jodie has reached Seattle, Washington. Exhausted from the cold, she collapses in the snow and is rescued by Stan, who nurses her back to health over a period of two days. She meets his group and helps Stan break into a supermarket. The homeless group moves into an abandoned apartment building and Zoey is born later that night. Jodie wakes up to find the building set on fire; while the group is escaping, she falls into a coma and is hospitalized. The same night, the gang of thugs that set fire to the building are arrested and charged.[24]



  • Jodie wakes up from her coma and is forced to escape the hospital when CIA agents come to apprehend her. She is picked up by Lt. J. Sherman during his patrol and taken to the Kyel County Sheriff's Office. A SWAT team is dispatched to recover her, but all except Sherman are killed. Jodie vanishes and continues her journey.[25]


  • Jodie travels through Monument Valley, a desert region on the border of Utah and Arizona. Failing to catch a ride from passing vehicles, she encounters Paul and his family (his mother, Shimasani, and his sons Cory and Jay). Against the protests of Jay, Paul invites her to stay at their farmhouse for dinner and to spend the night there. The next morning, Paul offers Jodie work in exchange for room and board, which she accepts. After a series of occurrences, she learns that the entity Yéiitsoh has been tormenting and killing living beings in the area at night. Yé'iitsoh attacks the house in broad daylight, during which Paul is seriously wounded. Shimasani dies assisting Jodie and Aiden in an attempt to send Yé'iitsoh away via a rift. The men give Jodie a restored motorcycle to continue her journey, and she departs.[26]


September 21[]

  • Jodie meets with Cole in a park, having contacted him sometime prior. They discuss current events, and Jodie inquires about her mother. Cole tells her that a woman named Norah Gray gave birth to a stillborn child on the day of Jodie's birth, and that Norah has been interned at Saint John's Hospital since then. Jodie visits Norah and Aiden links their consciousnesses, allowing them to speak and exchange goodbyes. Jodie and Cole are captured by the CIA.[27]

September 22[]

  • Jodie reunites with Nathan, who reveals that the CIA has agreed to let her go if she agrees to take one last assignment. She reluctantly accepts and attends a briefing led by General McGrath, during which she is reintroduced to her old team.[28]

September 24[]

September 28[]

  • After three days of traveling, Jodie and her team reach the Kazirstani military base. Jodie and Ryan disguise themselves and infiltrate the base, but Aiden is separated from Jodie due to the facility's containment field. Jodie and Ryan are captured and tortured by General Wang Ziyang; Aiden deactivates the containment field and frees them. Jodie plants explosives at the condenser, and Ryan steals a submarine that the pair use to escape.[30]
  • After the mission is confirmed successful, a check for $500,000 is issued to "Elizabeth North" for services rendered.[31]

November 14[]

  • Jodie attends another briefing led by General McGrath. She meets with Nathan in his office, where he reveals to her that he has been working on a miniature condenser to allow the living to communicate with souls from the Infraworld. She reluctantly channels Helen and Laura's spirits, and Helen pleads with Nathan to let them die. He accuses Jodie of lying to him, and she is captured by the CIA when she attempts to leave. When she awakens, McGrath informs her that she will be put into a permanent coma, just as Norah was. Nathan visits her and reveals that he plans to deactivate the Black Sun's containment field. Aiden leads Cole and Ryan to Jodie; they free her just as the containment field is shut down. When the remote shutdown methods fail, Cole, Jodie and a reluctant Ryan enter the rift in order to activate the manual self-destruct. Cole is attacked by entities, forcing Jodie and Ryan to continue without him. Inside the rift, Jodie is separated from Ryan and encounters Nathan. Regardless of the outcome of their conversation, Nathan is killed and reunites with his family.[2][4]


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