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"Zoey is three months old today. I often tell her about you, so that she knows what you did for her..."
—Elisa talking to an unconscious Jodie about Zoey

Tuesday (real name Elisa) is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls.


Before becoming homeless, Elisa was dating an unnamed man. Later, she became pregnant with his child; however, her boyfriend was violent, and she feared for the life of her baby. She fled and began living on the streets under the name "Tuesday," a nickname she chose based on the day she ran away. At some point, she met Stan, Walter, and Jimmy.

Events of Beyond: Two Souls[]


Jodie helps Tuesday safely deliver her daughter when she unexpectedly goes into an early labor. Jodie then helps Tuesday and her daughter, Zoey, escape from the burning apartment building. After Jodie falls into a coma, Tuesday moves into an apartment owned by Stan. She visits the comatose Jodie in the hospital, revealing that her real name is Elisa.

Black Sun[]

If Ryan is dead, Tuesday appears holding Zoey when Jodie debates whether to return to life. Her appearance is the same as it was during "Homeless."


Tuesday appears in two of the game's epilogues, depending on Jodie's choices.

If Jodie chooses to return to life after deactivating the Black Sun condenser, she is given the option to return to the group. If this option is chosen, Tuesday joyfully welcomes her back and introduces her to Zoey. If Walter survived the fire, it is mentioned that Tuesday works behind a bar while he watches Zoey.

If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, Tuesday is briefly seen watching television with Stan, Walter, and Jimmy (if the latter two are alive).


  • In the Russian localization, her nickname is instead given as Subbota (Saturday). This is because Vtornik (the Russian word for Tuesday) is a masculine gender noun, while Subbota is a feminine gender noun.
  • In the Polish localization, her nickname is Środa (Wednesday) because of the same reason as in Russian.