"Zoey is three months old today. I often tell her about you, so that she knows what you did for her..."
—Elisa talking to an unconscious Jodie about Zoey

Elisa a.k.a. “Tuesday” is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. She is the ex-girlfriend of a Unnamed Man, and the mother of Zoey.

She first appears in the chapter Homeless alongside Stan, Walter and Jimmy.

Character InformationEdit

Elisa was born on August 26, 1990.

At some point of her life, Elisa was engaged with her future boyfriend, later, she became pregnant with a little girl.

However, her boyfriend proved to be a very violent man.

Elisa was beaten every day by her boyfriend, so the woman was the risk to have a miscarriage.

So, on a Tuesday day, she escaped, and began to live on the street, and not to be recognized, she was given the nickname of Tuesday.

Elisa is a homeless woman in an unknown city. She is part of a group of homeless persons including Stan, Walter, and Jimmy, she is the only woman of the group. She fled from her abusive boyfriend, to protect her daughter, telling Jodie that he would never have killed her daughter. In order to protect her identity from him, she changed her name to Tuesday, the day of the week she ran away.

Jodie helps Tuesday safely deliver her daughter when she unexpectedly goes into an early labour. Jodie then helps Tuesday and her daughter (Zoey) escape from the burning apartment building.

When Jodie is in a coma, Tuesday visits the hospital where Jodie is being kept. She brings news of how she and Zoey are doing, and also reveals her real name to Jodie. Elisa and the rest of the group manage to get their life together and are no longer homeless after Jodie's intervention.


  • She got the nickname "Tuesday" because she ran away on that day of the week.
  • In Russian localisation her nickname is "Saturday" (Subbota).
  • Her real name is Elisa.
    • She reveals her real name to Jodie when she's in a coma.