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The following is a list of all unused dialogue in Beyond: Two Souls, arranged in chronological order with the chapters in which it would have been used.


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  • There is an alternative version of Jodie's monologue, where she talks about the Beyond. "There is a world we will all go to one day but that no one knows anything about. Those who live there are always around us. They brush past us or haunt our every moment. They are our memory, our dreams and our nightmares. They share our world but we don't even know they exist... I was born with a strange gift, the ability to see what no human being has ever seen before. I am a freak, a mistake. I live between two worlds. I belong to neither."

The Party[]

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  • Kirsten has unused dialogue that would have been used when she opens Emma's birthday gift before opening Jen's. "Smooth Love Vibe, Brandon Williams' latest CD! I love this guy, he just melts me. Thanks, Emma, that's a really nice gift. Okay, who's next..."
  • There is additional dialogue for the teens while Jodie is being locked in the cupboard. "Hey! Lock her under the stairs! She can use her 'powers' to get out!"

Like Other Girls[]

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  • Jodie has an unused version of her dialogue if she chooses to talk to Cole. This version, unlike the one used in the final game, also confirms her age during this chapter. "It's Saturday night! I'm sixteen and I'm locked up in here! Come on! I want to go out and have some fun!"
  • It would have been possible for Aiden to choose not to intervene when Jodie is assaulted by the men at the Red House Bar, leaving her to fend for herself until Nathan and Cole arrive.
    • "No, please! Please, no, stop! Stop, stop, stop, please! (crying) No, please, no... no, no, please stop!"
    • "No, no, no... Stop! Stop! Please!"
    • "Aiden, help! Help! Help me, Aiden!"
    • "Why, Aiden? Why did you let that happen? Why did you let them hurt me? Why?"
  • Earl also has an unused line linked to the cut abuse scene. "Hold her down for chrissakes, Frank!"

The Condenser[]

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  • There is a removed conversation between two guards when Jodie arrives at the ADA facility.
    • Guard 1: "That's the girl..."
    • Guard 2: "There she is. No, don't look at her..."
  • It would have been possible to win the fight with the possessed scientist without killing him, as he has unused lines where he is seemingly apologizing to Jodie for attacking her. "Oh, my God… Oh, my God… What have I done?! What have I done?! I... I didn't mean to… I... I didn't mean to... I… I'm sorry… I'm really sorry... I... I didn't mean to… I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

The Embassy[]

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  • It would have been possible for Aiden to possess a male guest at the embassy and attempt to sneak upstairs only to be stopped by the security.
    • "I apologize, sir. This floor for Embassy staff only."
    • "Sorry, sir. No guests allowed on the first floor."

The Dinner[]

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  • Jodie has additional dialogue while talking to Aiden about Ryan. "How do you know he's not attracted to me? I know, alright. I know. I can tell by that look in his eyes and... you know what, it's a girl thing, okay? You wouldn't even understand. You know what? This is ridiculous, this is... Fuck this! Why? Why am I talking about my feelings to an entity? You know what? I really don't give a fucking shit about what you think. I'm not gonna let you keep fucking up my life."
  • Jodie has several removed dialogues when trying on clothes.
    • "Oh, shit... God, my ass looks big in this."
    • "Yeah. Yeah, I'm feeling this! But..."
    • "Okay. Okay, this is me. Unless..."
    • "God damn it, girl. Make up your mind."


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  • It would have been possible for Stan to die during the building fire. The "StanDead" variable still exists in the files. If Stan, Walter and Jimmy all died, this would have resulted in a unique cutscene if Jodie failed to escape the building in time. This cutscene still exists, albeit unpolished, in the files for the November 2012 test build.
    • Fireman: "Anyone still inside?"
    • Fireman 2: "Hard to tell. The whole thing's about ready to collapse."
    • Thug: "Make sure you get it all, Ed. Every last fuckin' minute of it..."
    • Tuesday: "Jodie! Please! Don't die on us now! Not now! Jodie... please... Don't leave us... Don't leave us."
  • There are also unique flashback scenes with Tuesday after Jodie wakes up in Brookhaven Hospital, which were meant to be used with the above outcome. These cutscenes can be restored by setting the "StanDead" variable to "true" with Walter and Jimmy also dead.[1]
    • (If Jodie touches the photo of Stan and Tuesday:) "This is us, Jodie... together. This way, we will always be by your side."
    • (If Jodie touches the newspaper:) "They got them, Jodie. Those bastards that torched our building. They're doing time... But time ain't enough for the likes of them."
    • (If Jodie touches the photo of Zoey and Tuesday:) "Zoey is three months old today. I often tell her about you, so that she knows what you did for her. I went back to live with my folks. Can't stand them, but they're good to Zoey and... anyway, it's going okay. Oh, and I started using my real name again. It's Elisa."
    • (If Jodie touches the flowers:) "Without you, Zoey would have died back there. Hell, she might not even have been born! You're gonna wake up, alright? And when you do, Zoey and I will be waiting for you."


  • The E3 "First Look" trailer contains an extended version of this chapter without the flashbacks, which includes several lines from Lt. Sherman that are not present in the final version.
    • "Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me? Do you understand me?"
    • "You speak English?"
    • "I, uh... brought you that cup of coffee."
    • "Look, I want to help you. But you gotta give me something. Anything."
    • "Um... I'm gonna go back to my desk. Check the missing persons list. You stay here, I'll be right back. If you need anything, I'll be just outside."


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  • There is unused dialogue from Jodie and Jay's conversation.
    • Jodie could have asked Jay about Yé'iitsoh.
      • Jodie: "Your tribe left because of Yé'iitsoh, didn't they?"
      • Jay: "Too many souls have been taken. This land is cursed. That's why my people left."
      • Jodie: "That's why you didn't want me to stay here..."
      • Jay: "Anyone living here is in danger... It's hard to explain that to a stranger."
    • Jay would have asked Jodie an additional question. "Don't you have anyone? Any friends or family to turn to?"
      • ("Truth":) Jodie: "I was in love with someone, or that's what I thought. And then there’s some... someone else who's more like a, more like a father figure to me, but… we've kind of both gone in different directions. I really only have one friend and I love and hate him more than anything in the world…"
      • ("Evade":) Jodie: "Yeah, of course, you know, I've… I have family… and, and friends…y'know? It's nice to have someone to turn to… And I've, I have a very close friend - who I just love and hate, you know, more than anyone in the world…"

Old Friends[]

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  • There is an unused conversation option between Jodie and Cole.
    • Cole: "They'll never let you go, Jodie. They've invested too much in you."
    • Jodie: "No, they're scared of what I can do. Enough to know they're better off without me..."


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  • There is a removed conversation between Norah and one of the doctors in the flashback to Jodie's birth.
    • Norah: "W-wait! Wait! My child! Let me see her! Just once!"
    • Doctor: "I'm sorry, Norah. It's... it's better if you don't."


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  • McGrath's dialogue originally included references to the active condenser being in China. "According to our information, the Chinese have discovered the existence of the Infraworld. They have found a rift and are conducting experiments from a secret base, located in the province of Heilongjiang."[2]

Black Sun[]

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  • During the briefing at the start of the chapter, McGrath would originally have mentioned China when talking about the destroyed condenser. "The active condenser in China has been destroyed and the rift is now inaccessible."[2]
  • Ryan and Cole's conversation originally included additional dialogue before Cole asks about Vince and Nick.
    • Ryan: "What's keeping Jodie?"
    • Cole: "Oh, it's Nathan. You know how much they mean to each other. Tough to say goodbye, you know?"
  • There is additional dialogue meant for the cutscene where Jodie, Ryan and Cole are preparing to sneak past the entities.
    • Ryan: "We'll never reach the door without being seen."
    • Jodie: "They can only see us in the Infraworld."
    • Cole: "She's right! The entities can't see our world. They won't notice us if we remain completely still in the Infraworld!"
  • The player apparently would have been unable to switch to Aiden while inside the Black Sun chamber, resulting in this conversation between Jodie and Ryan.[3]
    • Jodie: "Aiden? Aiden?! Aiden, are you there?"
    • Ryan: "What's happening?"
    • Jodie: "It's Aiden! It's... It's like he's paralyzed by the Black Sun!"
    • Ryan: "Oh, shit! That's just what we needed!"
  • Jodie has a removed line, likely idle dialogue intended for when she reaches the condenser's core. "The Black Sun... Aiden, if you can't help me, I'll have to destroy it without you."


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  • Jodie has additional dialogue meant to be used in the beginning of the epilogue, which echoes her monologue in the Prologue. "But I have to remember... put everything in order right up to this second. Remember who I am."
  • Jodie has additional dialogue meant to be used in her monologue during her vision of the future. "I haven't remembered anything for a long time. My memories are just shadows of my past... I used to read what I had written, to force myself to remember. But what's the point?"
  • There is a removed version of the "Life - Zoey" epilogue that would have been used if Walter, Jimmy and Stan all died during "Homeless." The epilogue checks for the "StanDead" variable, but the opening section with Tuesday only is missing, leading to the "Stan and Tuesday" variation even if this variable is set to "true." However, Stan will be missing during the scene where Jodie is introduced to Zoey.[1]


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