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"Crazy motherfuckers! They got me once... still haven't recovered..."
—Walter, talking about the thugs that attacked Stan

Walter is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls.

Character Information[]

Walter was born on January 7, 1962.

He is a homeless man in an unknown city. He is part of a group of homeless people including Stan, Tuesday and Jimmy.


Walter has an alcohol problem and is seen drinking when Jodie first wakes up and meets the group. Stan also describes him as "a good guy", despite the fact that he drinks "a little too much". He welcomes Jodie back to the land of the living if she goes around the camp to examine the rest of the group.

When the group eats dinner together, he will express concern about Stan's run in with the thugs. Jodie can ask Walter how he ended up on the street. He states he was once a high school teacher but got behind on his loans and, as a result, lost his job and all his friends.

When Tuesday goes into labour, Stan will ask Walter to stay with Tuesday while the rest of the group goes to prepare. He escorts Tuesday to the abandoned building so that she can deliver her baby. When Zoey is born, he excitedly swears, which Tuesday scolds him for. After Zoey's birth, he and the rest of the group stay the night in the building. They are later awoken by smoke and flames, as they realize that the building is on fire.

If the player is going for the Saved All ending, Walter and Jimmy must be saved. Jodie can use Aiden to blast open the bedroom door where Walter is trapped on the first floor of the building. After escaping the room, he will leave the building, unharmed. If Jodie ignores Walter, he will die.

He and the rest of the group get their life back on track after Jodie's intervention. He spends his days taking care of Zoey for Tuesday while she works, he also became a teacher again.


  • It is possible that Walter is religious. When he sees that Jodie has woken up, he says "Hallelujah" and "Praise the Lord". He also talks a lot about miracles, such as when he describes Jodie's abilities and when Zoey is born.
  • He is the only member of the group who is not seen visiting Jodie in the hospital while she is in a coma, though this is most likely due to him taking care of Zoey in Tuesday's place.
  • Walter's actor/voice actor also played/dubbed an man named Jeffrey Fowler in the new videogame entitled Detroit: Become Human.