"The greatest discovery the world has ever known... destroyed! Because of you stupid american BITCH!!!"
—Wang yelling at Jodie after she destroys the portal

Wang Ziyang is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls and the main antagonist in the chapter Dragon's Hideout. He is the lead Army officer assigned to oversee Kazirstan's Infraworld research.

Character InformationEdit

The general in charge of the underwater base he was building the entity condenser and study the Infraworld spreading the whole world into entities. He is checking for soldiers to bring up the crates until he discovers Jodie Holmes and Ryan Clayton are actually in disguise the soldiers have them taken to the interrogation base. He tortures the team to learn who they work for. If Jodie tells the general he leaves but if Jodie is silent the general will stab Ryan's left eye and then the soldier asks the general for some accident research in the underwater base. the general prisoned the team into the two bases and til Aiden shoots all the security systems all over the base the entities attacks all of the soldiers and til the general survives the entities he showed up when Jodie puts the bombs at the Infraworld condensers he begins fighting Jodie for what she's done and after the fight he's been stabbed by the sea entity and drowns in the water and Jodie escapes.