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"The greatest discovery the world has ever known... Destroyed! Because of you, stupid American bitch!"
—Wang yelling at Jodie after she destroys the portal

Gen. Wang Ziyang is a minor antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls. He appears in "Dragon's Hideout."

Character Information[]

Wang Ziyang is a general in Kazirstan's army who is in charge of the country's Infraworld research. He builds an underwater condenser at a military base in Felhanjiang with the intention of releasing entities into the world and using them as weapons. He captures Jodie Holmes and Ryan Clayton when they disguise themselves as soldiers to sneak into the base, and interrogates them to find out who sent them. If Jodie refuses to tell the general that they work for the CIA, he will cut out Ryan's left eye.

After the interrogation, Wang Ziyang imprisons Jodie and Ryan in separate rooms. Jodie uses Aiden to disable the base's containment field, causing entities to attack the soldiers and allowing her to escape. The general survives and confronts Jodie after she arms the explosives to blow up the condenser; furious with her for ruining his achievement and thwarting his plans, he fights her. Regardless of who wins the fight, the general is impaled by the Sea Entity and dragged into the water, where the subsequent explosion kills him if he doesn't drown or die of exsanguination first.