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"This is where you'll study and sleep for the next three years."
—Ryan, showing Jodie to her room

"Welcome to the CIA" is the sixth (chronologically the twelfth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie is trained for three years in order to take part in the CIA.


Jodie, accompanied by Ryan, arrives at Camp Peary, where she will remain for three years. What follows then is a short montage of Jodie's training regimen — various physical exercises, intellectual problems, and training specifically tailored to Aiden. One exercise involves combat training with Vince. Should Jodie get hit, Aiden will attack Vince and Jodie will tell him to stop.

The very last test involves a culmination of everything Jodie has learned; she must sneak her way past armed CIA operatives, and capture a flag at the end of the course. Making her way past, she is suddenly stopped by Ryan, who holds a gun to her head and admonishes her, saying if this were real she'd be dead already.

She retaliates, saying if this were real, he wouldn't be able to open his mouth. The camera then pans to an operative possessed by Aiden, pointing his rifle at Ryan. Ryan reluctantly relents, congratulating Jodie for successfully passing her training and becoming a full-fledged CIA agent. Vince and Nick praise her for a job well-done, while Ryan walks away, muttering to himself.


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  • Path #1
    • In good physical shape
    • In need of physical training
  • Path #2
    • Tremendous fighter
    • Not a good fighter
  • Path #3
    • Not spotted during training
    • Spotted during training


  • Perfect Soldier - Complete all the training exercises without failing (may be received even if a few mistakes are made).
  • Fight Apprentice - Win the fighting lessons and make less than 5 mistakes.
  • Stealth Apprentice - Finish the stealth practice (the last one) without being spotted.


  • It is possible to divide the exercises into which year they occur in based on Jodie's hair lengths and outfits:
    • First year (first forest exercise, first fighting lesson, first stealth and firearms exercise): Jodie sports very short hair and wears a blue "Recruit" entry-level shirt during the first fighting lesson. The DLC "Advanced Experiments" takes place within this period.
    • Second year (math exercise, second fighting lesson, final forest exercise): Jodie's hair has grown out enough to be tied into a small bun, and by the end of the year it has grown into a ponytail. She wears a normal gray shirt during the second fighting lesson.
    • Third year (healing tutorial, pushups, final fighting lesson, final test): Jodie retains the ponytail from the end of the second year. She wears a normal red shirt during the healing tutorial and the final fighting lesson.
  • The game files reveal several training exercises that were removed from this chapter:
    • "1203_HARD_TRAINING_FOREST_PUMPS": An additional training exercise in the forest, instructed by Vince. This took place during the winter of Jodie's second year.
    • "1204_HARD_TRAINING_LEARNING": Jodie would be taught how to speak and understand Japanese. This took place during the first year of training.
    • "1205_HARD_TRAINING_FIGHT_2": A second fighting lesson with Vince.
    • "1206_HARD_TRAINING_AIDEN_2": A second exercise focusing on use of Aiden, instructed by Nick. During this sequence, Aiden would again be tasked with moving objects from a distance, this time with cars instead of barrels. Unlike the first exercise, this would have additionally been timed.
    • "1207_HARD_TRAINING_GUN_FIGHT_2": A stealth exercise where Jodie would have to sneak up on Nick.



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