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This is the transcript of "Welcome to the CIA," the sixth chapter in the original version and the eleventh chapter in the remixed version of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with Jodie and Ryan arriving at Camp Peary. As they enter the gate, trainees are seen running past or exercising.)

(The scene transitions to Jodie being led into her living quarters.)

Ryan: Your room. This is where you'll study and sleep for the next three years. Your training starts tomorrow at 5 a.m. Don't be late.

(Ryan leaves. Jodie sets her bag down and looks around the room.)

(The scene transitions to Jodie, now with short hair, in the forest with other trainees. Nick observes the course.)

Nick: C'mon, Holmes, keep up!

(If Jodie fails to jump over or duck under the hurdles:)

(After passing the hurdles, Jodie must climb across a series of bars.)

Nick: Find your grip! Use your momentum to swing across! Hurry!

(If Jodie successfully makes it across the bars, she jumps down.)

Nick: That's it, Holmes! Come on! I haven't got all day!

(The scene transitions to Jodie in the dojo with Vince and Nick. Vince is wearing focus mitts on both hands. Ryan observes the exercise.)

(Nick guides Jodie to punch Vince's focus mitts, then to perform a kick. Jodie is then instructed to block an attack from Vince, then duck underneath.)

(If Jodie successfully performs all of the listed actions, Ryan looks on in approval. Jodie must then perform the actions again, but while timed.)

(If Jodie misses an action, she is knocked down by Vince.)

(If Jodie misses too many actions:)

Nick: Let's start again.

(The exercise is repeated.)

(If Jodie performs all of the listed actions, Ryan leaves the dojo. Jodie throws another punch as the scene fades.)

(The scene transitions to Jodie and Vince in another training course.)

Vince: Take cover... Aim, shoot.

(Vince shoots down a target.)

Vince: Advance to the next cover. Got it?

(Jodie must take cover, shoot the target that appears, then move to the next cover.)

Vince: C'mon, get outta there!

(Once Jodie has moved, she must shoot the targets adjacent to her cover position.)

Vince: Cover! Aim! Fire! Come on!

(Jodie must move to the cover position in front of her, then shoot the target. Once she has shot the target, she must jump over cover and shoot a final target that pops up in front of her.)

(If Jodie successfully shoots the final target:)

Vince: Good.

(The scene transitions to Jodie in a classroom. She must complete an equation.)

(If Jodie successfully completes the equation:)

Instructor: Excellent, Jodie.

(Jodie smiles. The scene transitions to Nick and Jodie in a field.)

Nick: Okay, recruit. Now get rid of those oil drums.

(The player is given control of Aiden.)

(If Aiden blasts all of the oil drums:)

Nick: Good. Let's keep going.

(The scene transitions to Jodie, Nick and Vince in the dojo. This exercise is similar to the previous combat tutorial.)

(If Jodie completes all of the actions, she twists Vince's arm and aims her gun at him. She smiles at Ryan, who is observing the exercise.)

(The scene transitions to Jodie in the forest course. This time, she is supervised by Vince.)

Vince: Faster! And keep your fat ass down! Keep up!

(After passing the second set of hurdles, Jodie must climb a wall.)

Vince: Move it, recruit! It's not a fuckin' Sunday stroll!

(If Jodie successfully makes it over the wall, she jumps down.)

(The scene transitions to Jodie in the dojo. She stretches, but strains a muscle in her leg. The player is given control of Aiden and must heal Jodie.)

(Once Aiden heals Jodie, the scene transitions to Jodie doing push-ups in her room.)

(The scene transitions to Jodie in the dojo with Vince and Nick. Nick is wielding a baton.)

(If Jodie completes the first QTE, she blocks Nick's strike, causing him to hit Vince with the baton.)

(If Jodie completes the second QTE, she blocks Nick's strike and takes the baton from him.)

(If Jodie completes the third QTE, she strikes Nick with the baton, dazing him. She is then grabbed from behind by Vince.)

(If Jodie frees herself, she kicks Nick in the chest and hits Vince.)

(If Jodie completes the fourth QTE, she hits Nick, but drops the baton.)

(If Jodie completes the fifth QTE, she knocks Nick to the ground.)

(If Jodie twists Nick's arm, he taps out.)

Ryan: Not bad...

(The scene transitions to Jodie collapsing into her bed.)

(The scene transitions to the final exercise, in the same building used for the firearms course.)

(The player is instructed to use Aiden to distract a nearby soldier.)