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"There's only one thing I can be sure of... I will never be alone again."

Zoey is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. She is the daughter of Tuesday and an unnamed man.

Events of Beyond: Two Souls[]


After Jodie is introduced to the homeless group, she is free to walk around the camp. She can optionally talk to Tuesday, who is seen worrying about her unborn daughter. If Jodie chooses to use Aiden to see Zoey in Tuesday's womb, Jodie reassures her that Zoey is alive and doing well, to Tuesday's amazement. The next night, Tuesday starts suffering from contractions and goes into labor. Jodie and Stan break into a local drug store to get items for the baby. They get two blankets, one to cover up Tuesday and one to cover up the baby, and scissors to cut the umbilical cord.

Jodie and Stan return to Tuesday with the items. She kicks everyone out of the room except for Jodie, who is tasked with helping deliver the baby. If the player attempts to switch to Aiden, Jodie reassures him that there is nothing he can do to help. Finally, hours later, Zoey is born.

Shortly after, a local gang sets the group's new home on fire as revenge for Jodie's (determinant) victory over them after they attacked Stan. Regardless of how successful Jodie is at saving the group, Tuesday and Zoey will always survive the fire. If Jodie fails to escape in time, she loses consciousness and is pulled out of the burning building by Stan as paramedics arrive. If she escapes, she is beaten unconscious by members of the gang. Either way, she is taken to a hospital, where she remains comatose for at least three months. Upon waking up, Jodie can look at a picture of Tuesday and Zoey in her hospital room. Doing so triggers a memory of Tuesday speaking to the comatose Jodie, who tells her that she often tells Zoey about her. Tuesday also reveals that her real name is Elisa.


Zoey appears in two of the game's epilogues, depending on Jodie's choices.

If Jodie chooses to return to life after deactivating the Black Sun condenser, she is given the option to return to the group and Zoey. If this option is chosen, she is welcomed with open arms by the group, who live together in an apartment owned by Stan. Jodie is reintroduced to Zoey, who instantly accepts her as if she has always known her. In the future, an older Zoey is seen alongside Jodie, looking out towards a rift to the Infraworld.

If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, she returns to Zoey as an entity. She shares her memories with Zoey to prepare her for the future she saw in her visions. In her ending monologue, Zoey mentions being attacked by the shadow entities at night, much like Jodie herself was. She also states that the "voice in her head" has told her not to be afraid or tell anyone about her abilities. In the future, Zoey is seen looking towards the rift alone, possibly invisibly accompanied by Jodie.

Powers and Abilities[]

Zoey possesses supernatural abilities similar to other gifted humans. Her abilities are only described in the Beyond epilogue.

Astral Projection: Zoey is able to project her consciousness from her physical body, allowing her to travel through solid objects or to other locations. It is also implied that she is capable of bilocation, the ability to astrally project to multiple locations at once.

Aura Reading: Similar to Aiden, Zoey is able to perceive colored auras around others.


  • Her name is spelled as Zoe in the ending credits and concept art, but the subtitles spell her name as Zoey.
  • Her age is never stated in dialogue, but the game files indicate that her toddler model is 2 years old and her child model is 10 years old.
  • Zoey's toddler model has dark brown eyes, but her child model has green eyes. Her toddler model appears to have been reused from a catalog of baby Jodie meant for the deleted chapter "First Steps," explaining the inconsistency.
  • Zoey's concept designs bear a strong resemblance to actress Dakota Fanning. One design depicts her with blonde hair and pink highlights, greatly resembling Fanning's character Cassie Holmes from the 2009 film Push.
  • It is unknown whether Zoey's abilities are hereditary (as is the case with Jodie) or a random occurrence.


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